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Life and Other News

Photo by Dariusz Sankowskion Unsplash

I’ve really not been posting much lately and I would say sorry, except I really am not sorry. It’s my blog so I can post when I want to, right?! 😉

Anyway, I’ve just not had anything inspirational to post about nor any revolutionary thoughts, so I’ve kinda just stayed quiet.

But how about an update on life even though there isn’t too much to update you on.


My husband graduates with his master’s degree in a couple months and the days are flying by almost too quickly. I am so proud of how hard he has worked for this though, and it really is pretty big news! We are so thankful that God gave this opportunity to my husband to study overseas and now that journey is almost over.

We leave Israel in a couple months too, which is not helping to slow down the time. I’m mostly excited about the move, but as is the case for anyone who has a home in multiple places, it’s bittersweet. We’re going to miss our church community the most. I know no church in America can’t replace that. But at the same time I look forward to seeing family and friends in the states again. I look forward to a new adventure and making a new home and hopefully settling down a little. 😉

There is so much for us to think about and so many decisions to make. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

I am not good at handling lots of things all at once. My husband knows that if too many things happen in one week, I get overwhelmed. Maybe it’s my slow southern roots that make me dislike the hurry and panic of busy lives.

Anyway, the nice thing is that we won’t be trying to figure everything out in another language. XD We will be going back to America where hopefully we can speak the same language. XD And Chick-fil-A! We get to eat Chick-fil-A again!!!!!!

Besides graduation and moving across the world again, I also have a Novelette coming out at the end of May or early June. This is my longest thing to publish so far, although still short, and I hope it will be my best so far. I am really excited about it and I hope it will bring much joy to all who read it. Keep your ears open for more info hopefully coming soon. After I get some graphics created, I will be sharing the blurb and cover! Are you excited with me? A little hint about the story; it all starts in a coffee shop.

Well, tell me how life is going for yourself? Any grand adventure for this summer? Anything you are excited for? Do you understand the bittersweetness of having homes and friends all over the world?

12 thoughts on “Life and Other News

  1. I have never lived in another country but I understand the bittersweet of saying goodbye. We are really looking forward to seeing you again!

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  2. I am happy for you.
    Please what is XD? I saw it in your writeup.
    Yeah, I understand that feeling of not updating your blog. Of course, it is your blog.
    I am a blogger too and I do feel moments of guilt when I haven’t blogged in a while but reading your writeup just made me to relax.

    Thank you and congratulations once again.

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    1. Awe! Thank you so much! Yeah, I don’t think there is any reason to feel guilty for not posting as often as some people do. It is your blog and you are not obligated to do anything you don’t like on it.

      XD is basically a big smilie face. I don’t know how to make the emojis appear, so I just do XD, a big smile, or ;), a winking face, or :P, a tongue sticking out face.


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