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Review: To the Uttermost

Photo by Elijah Hailon Unsplash Title To the Uttermost by Kristina Hall Synopsis How far will he take his quest for vengeance? Owen Lockart will track down and kill the man who murdered his three brothers and left him to die in the Colorado wilderness. And no one will get in his way. Sally Reiner doesn't know… Continue reading Review: To the Uttermost

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Well, I have some extra exciting news! I have a novelette coming out in June!!!!!!!!! If you like kittens, coffee, little girls with sass, flowers, and a little bit of romance in a coffee shop, then this story might be for you! This adorable little novelette will be available on sale on Amazon Kindle for… Continue reading COVER REVEAL

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Life and Other News

Photo by Dariusz Sankowskion Unsplash I've really not been posting much lately and I would say sorry, except I really am not sorry. It's my blog so I can post when I want to, right?! 😉 Anyway, I've just not had anything inspirational to post about nor any revolutionary thoughts, so I've kinda just stayed quiet. But… Continue reading Life and Other News

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Book Review: Anything, King’s Daughters Story Collection #1

This beautiful and heartwarming collection of short stories and poems was written by thirteen Christian women from The King's Daughters Writing Camp. You will find some of the stories putting a soft smile on your face while others will wring your heart as tears trickle down your cheek. And still other stories might have you… Continue reading Book Review: Anything, King’s Daughters Story Collection #1

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To the Christian Girl Instagrammer

unsplash I posted this on my Instagram, but my sister informed me that no one was going to read the whole thing because I had to break it up and put part of it as a comment. I have a feeling that at least some people read the whole thing. Probably the faithful, loyal few,… Continue reading To the Christian Girl Instagrammer

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The Writerly Sibling Tag

Photo by Annie Spratton Unsplash Rule One: Thank the blogger who tagged you & provide a link to their post. Thank you, Katja!Rule Two: Answer the inquires, including any ones added by means of rule six.Rule Three: Always use your own characters. No exception, unless you don’t actually have sibling characters (in which case you need to go write… Continue reading The Writerly Sibling Tag

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Tea Time Chat: Friendship

Hi lovely friend, I haven't done any Tea Time Chats in a while, so why don't you grab a cup of tea and scones with clotted cream, and chat with me about friendship. Friendship can be an exhaustive topic, but one question was kind of rolling around in my head recently. What makes two people… Continue reading Tea Time Chat: Friendship

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Book Review: Fanny’s Hope Chest

Synopsis How old is too old for a hope chest? Ellie Decker is pretty sure thirty is the right time to start asking that question. All she’s ever wanted to be is a wife and mother, but no guy has even asked her out. When she starts her new job as a home health aide,… Continue reading Book Review: Fanny’s Hope Chest

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Reclaiming Valentine’s Day

Photo by Victoria Priessnitz on Unsplash I know Valentine's isn't as fun for some people because they don't have a special someone to share it with yet. Some people even hate the Holiday and probably, therefore, hate February. So I decided to put together a post about how singles or anyone for that matter, can make Valentine's… Continue reading Reclaiming Valentine’s Day

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Book Review: Jayne’s Endeavour

Photo by Chris Lawtonon Unsplash Synopsis Life in 19th century Australia overflows with hardship . . . Will Jayne have the courage to hold onto her parents’ legacy? Mysterious strangers, a Scripture verse, and a threat. “Reids never give up.” The words once held so much truth. But at eighteen, Jayne Reid is beginning to wonder if… Continue reading Book Review: Jayne’s Endeavour